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A Brief Introction Of Jamia

Allah Almighty had made a series of sending Prophets and Messengers for guidance of human-beings and completed His Ehasan and love on the human beings after having sent the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), the last Messenger. For education, training, dawah and preaching and guidance of mankind, the Prophet had made a set-up in Dar-e- Arqam in Makkah Al-Mukarramah and established a chabutra (a terrace), famously called Suffa, situated at adjacent to the Masjid Nabvi and set up an example for teaching and learning.
Wherever in the world today is a Madarsa, Maktab, khanqah or any spiritual training centre, its root is attached and connected to this very Susffa-e- Nabvi. It has same the objective and manifesto which the Sufha had. In order to carry out this very objective and thought and enlighten this very lamp of guidance, Madaris and Khanqas have been established all over the world to protect correct faith, sunnah, and Islamic identity.
In 1857, after bloody revolution, when the English captured India, mad a blood bath, ruined, as well as started put negative thoughts regarding the Islamic beliefs and faiths and to distort them, the Ulama of the time, and sincere Muslims felt it necessary to found a Madrasah and Maktab for the protection of Islam and its teachings. As a result of the struggles and efforts, Darul Uloom Deoband, Mazahirul Uloom Saharanpur, Nadwatul Ulama , Madrasah Shahi and so on have been established and since then the series of establishment went on. Jamia Nashir - Ul - Uloom, Pandoli Distt. Saharanpur is also one among the series.
The purpose is surely to follow the suffah of the Prophet (Peace be upon him). By the grace of Allah, from the beginning runs well and do the management of everything in nice way while focusing on teaching the students.